Anti-Bullying Policy

  • Report bullying by filling out the Bully Report Form

    Report Bullying over a target

    热门大瓜 does not tolerate bullying, which includes cyberbullying. Throughout the school year, our schools do a variety of classroom, large group, and small group lessons on bullying and bully prevention.

    Though we teach all of our students that bullying is wrong, it still occasionally occurs. And, while we would like cases of bullying to be reported to the administration, they are not always reported.

    Parents - if you have a bully (or cyberbullying) concern please let us know. If your child is a target and is being bullied or if you believe your child bullies others, please let us know. Open and consistent communications with the school will not only help your child but will help many others and the school. Unfortunately, some bully situations take a number of interventions before it subsides. Please continue to communicate with the school and provide any additional information that will help the school put an end to the situation.

    It is important to note that investigation of cyberbullying can occur regardless of whether the bullying was conducted using public or private property (cell phone, computers, etc). Please reference Florida Statute 1006.47

Report Bullying Online

  • Use the Bully Report System to report bullying online and anonymously. Targets of bullies, witnesses, and family members, often feel that reporting will make the situation worse. While it may get worse initially, the administration feels strongly that if given the information, they will be able to address and stop the bullying behavior. The administration hopes that it may be easier and more comfortable for students and family members to report bullying online.

    To report a bullying incident online, please fill out the Bully Report Form. A bullying situation can also be report by calling the school, coming in to the school office, or having your child report the incident to an administrator.

Are You the Target of a Bully?

  • If you are being bullied during the school day, at a school event, at an after school program, or on the bus, it is important that you report it to a school administrator who can take actions. Remember, be SAFE:

    • Say something to an adult
    • Ask for help
    • Find a friend
    • Exit the area

Have You Witnessed Bullying?

  • If you witness an act of bullying, you should do the following:

    • Refuse to join in
    • Never fight the bully
    • Get others to help you speak out against the bullying
    • Distract the bully
    • Report all bullying to administration

What is Bullying?

  • Bullying, which includes cyberbullying, occurs when a person or group of people repeatedly hurt, embarrass, or frighten another person. Cyberbullying means bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication regardless of whether the bullying occurs on or off school grounds. Examples of cyberbullying include but are not limited to: text/instant messaging, e-mails, creation of a webpage impersonating another person and/or other electronic means through the internet.

    Characteristics of bullying

    • Intentional
    • Unprovoked
    • Reoccurring
    • Difference in power (either physical or psychological)

    Types of Bullying

    • Physical-pushing, shoving, tripping, hitting
    • Verbal-racist, sexist, or bigoted remarks, teasing, threats
    • Psychological/Relational-intimidation, spreading rumors, exlusion
    • Cyber-electronic bullying through text/instant messaging and/or through the internet

    Bullying is not

    • An altercation between equals
    • Good natured playful teasing among equals or peers
    • An isolated incident

Reporting vs. Ratting

  • Ratting is telling an adult about a problem when you:

    • Could solve the problem yourself
    • Just want to make yourself look good
    • Really just want your own way
    • Want to get someone in trouble that you don't like

    Reporting is telling an adult when you or someone else is getting hurt. It could be about a person's:

    • Body
    • Feeling
    • Friendships
    • Property
    • Reputation