• Crisis Response

    Crisis response teams are comprised of school social workers, school psychologist, and school counselors.  The purpose of Crisis Response to a traumatic event is to provide immediate support and assistance to those in need, while re-establishing normalcy in the school as quickly as possible.? ( & )

    Examples of School Crisis

    • Death of a student, a staff member, or a community member whose death affects a significant portion of the school population
    • Major environmental crisis, such as a flood or fire
    • Situation that involves a threat to the physical safety of students, such as a schoolbus accident, even in the absence of injuries

    Services Provided

    • Assessment & coordination of immediate crisis intervention services needed?
    • Classroom defusion for students & staff??
    • Individual crisis intervention?
    • Group crisis intervention??
    • Referrals to community resources??
    • Ongoing support counseling services for days following event??
    • Follow-up consultation?

      When the crisis response team is activated at a school site, the parents of students who received individual and/or group counseling are notified by letter or phone call.

     In Case of Emergency, Dial 9-1-1